A pawn loan is a loan from a licensed pawn shop using an item of value as collateral to secure the loan. Pawn loans allow consumers in need of immediate cash, to obtain a loan using an item of value they currently own.
What Is A Pawn Loan?
How Does 212Pawn Work?
You can get the best offer for your vehicle from all the pawn shops in your region.
Tell What You Want To Pawn. Send us info about your vehicle with all the details using online form.
Get Your Offers. We collect the best offers pawn shops are making for you.
Choose The Best. Find the one, suited you the most, and get the pawn shop contacts.
Get Your Cash. Pawn your car for the best price or interests and take your money

How It Works

212Pawn is 100%, absolutely free of charge. We never charge for you to pawn your vehicle. We don't ask for a credit card or even your real name. Try us out – it's fast, easy, and free.
How Much Does 212Pawn Charge?
Will Pawn Shops See My Personal Information?How Does 212Pawn Work?
212Pawn does not show or share your email address or any personal information with any pawn shop. We conduct all communication between you and pawn shops anonymously. A pawn shop will only know who you are when you decide to call them or go into the shop yourself to close the deal.
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